30 May 2009

Reincarnation- http://lucyhollis.wordpress.com

After a break, Bermuda Daily Photographs has been reborn at LucyHollis.WordPress.com. I've had problems with this BlogSpot blog and haven't been able to figure out why, so I've start a new blog afresh. I'm grateful to my followers to pointing out its problems so that I did not continue to post forever more without it being viewable!

23 January 2009

Night Clouds

More clouds along the South Shore. It was actually pretty dark when I took this photo, but using a really long shutterspeed helped keep it bright.

22 January 2009

Towering Cloud at Sunset

Evening cooper light reflecting off a towering cumulus cloud
South Shore view from Gravelly Bay

20 January 2009

A Pretty Pink Beach

Ahhh a typical Bermuda winter evening seascape

19 January 2009

18 January 2009

17 January 2009

Hibiscus Ripples

16 January 2009

Apricot Swirl

15 January 2009

A Warwick Lizard (in Smith's)

The bright green high up in the poinciana tree caught my eye.
This type of lizard is called a 'Warwick Lizard' in Bermuda (properly, its a Barbados anole/Anolis leachii. It was introduced to Bermuda in the 1940's, originally in Warwick parish. They're gradually moving eastwards and in the last few years have become quite a common sight in Smiths.

14 January 2009


A Heron catching his Breakfast

13 January 2009

Checkerboard at Spittal Pond

A slightly ominous sky over the Checkerboard along the Spittal Pond coastline. Salty waves washing back and forth over the limestone has slowly eroded grid-like markings into the rock.

12 January 2009

Invading Indian Laurel

A darned Indian Laurel has managed to wind its roots into the cracks of this old limestone shed. But for the time being I thought it made for a pretty picture.

11 January 2009

An Aloe Flower

Aloe plants put up spires of fire during the winter

10 January 2009

Hey Bye!

Another bird just for fun! This is actually my Dad's (sort of tame) Blue Fronted Amazon. Not quite a Bermuda bird, but when first time visitors to Bermuda come to my house and find the parrot squawking in the tree, they're never quite sure whether to disbelieve me when I say 'oh yeah, they're pretty common on the island'!

09 January 2009

Dreaming of the Shoreline

I was inspired by Joan Elizabeth's triptych series over at Sweet Wayfarings, so I thought I would have a go with putting one together with my recent photos - I had already cropped them but hadn't thought of presenting them together too.

UPDATE: Here are some more that I put together ('Triptych Triptych'?!)

08 January 2009

Pitter-Pattering Sanderling

Another bird. The sanderling's tracks in the wet sand caught my eye. I had trouble taking it as he kept walking out of focus!

07 January 2009

Winter Visitors

Something must have startled these ducks at the other end of the pond, so they were whizzing past as I came round the corner.  Spittal Pond is a prime birdwatching spot in winter as many migrating birds take refuge here.

06 January 2009


I'm fairly sure this is a black-throated green warbler. But it must be a female because it didn't have a black throat! There always seem to be a lot of warblers around at this time of year, they must be the lucky ones that are blown onto the island during the winter gales.

At one point there were at least three different types of little birds in the same tree, all singing their own songs.

05 January 2009

Swash over the Rocks

Making use of later sunrise times - photographing along the Southampton Parish beaches with a wake up call at 5.45am wouldn't be possible in the summer!

04 January 2009

Spanish Rock View

Sunrise viewed from Spanish Rock at Spittal Pond. Comparing this photo to one earlier last year, you can really see how far round the sun has moved at this time of year.